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                       µ-Planar Liquid Chrom.

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6 photo chamber

16photo chamber

Figure 6 : Photo chamber, loosely sitting in four hollows above the µ-PLC plate.
The camera is in position, the UV lamp on, the cover glass plate with the still mobile phase containing phase flasc in position is taken off and sits now on a waste plate - or just a glass plate. If the mobile phase used is UV inactive, the photo shot can be taken immediately. If the mobile phase however is a mix containing UV active liquids, a next cover glass plate with the 2L/min flush gas tube connected sits on the chromatogram plate drying. In the figure above you see a not focussed part of polar materials which has been sampled in triangle shape. This would offer low up to higher sample amounts along the sample bow. Fokussing can be made after the UV photo shot, as a next cover glass plate with the focussing capillary in its center woul find an accurate X-Y-position (as mentioned in figure 5 and shown in figure 12 ).