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                       µ-Planar Liquid Chrom.

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Figure 26 : Multi Integration with 16 tracks, 12 degree angle. Now one may understand what means comparability, because this is no repeatability. By statistics of quantitation comparability is a much stronger value about the accuracy of integral data: Circular multi integration uses the length of a signal bow or circle and integrates on differing places. The 17th value of this compare series of data is the mean of all 16 track values divided by 16. This way the plate structure is reduced by a factor 16 whilst the substance signals remain - as 16 x IX / 16 = IX. IX is the integral value of a substance X in the chromatogram. Why there is a reduction of structure signals ? they differ in strength and position from track to track, not so the substance signals. This way the historically much too long lasting systematic error in TLC / HPTLC quantitation - the never truly corrected plate structure signal - is now no longer disqualifying PLC as “semi quantitative” . circular multi integration values reach accuracy data never seen in any TLC / HPTLC publication prior to 2009.