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24 mult integrat.

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Figure 24 : The first steps to start Multi Integration. Select the position.
Given in clock values the Multi Integration position is set to about 8:30. The scan track width, the amount of integration tracks is set - above: four tracks - the position of the phase front is set - see the green point - and the rotation center for the multi track is set - see the red point above in the chromatogram center. Finally the rotation angle is set - above it is one degree. One realizes: there is plenty of freedom to optimize multi integration. But the SORBFIL version 2.0 software, the by now only circular quantitation software - remembers most of the mechanical settings. There is also a lot of mathematical settings available. Finally only a few commands must be given for multi integration in routine work. The details are shown and discussed in the chapter multi integration. If you want to see and read them now, click here. Otherwise have a look to the next seven figures telling more about the possibilities and the data quality available by multi integration.