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                       µ-Planar Liquid Chrom.

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18 start of phase sel.

28start of phase selection

Figure 18 : Start of the mobile phase selection.
First    make a sample solution of about 5 to 10 weight-% in a good sample solvent as the upper
       concentration limit. Draw with a saturated micro brush no. 6...7 a long enough line, 80 mm...
Second  Dry carefully the whole thick sample line - its original thickness is seen rightmost in the figure.
Third    Check the detectability. If OK in day light, continue with day light but prepare for an UV-Test.
        If only under UV visible, take safety spectacles and prepare a working space (see the photo
        chamber, figure 6.   
Fourth  Test, which solvent would work as focussing material. Start with methanol, add some traces
        red color in it.
Fifth    In figure 18 the test has been made by spotting methanol with brush no. 1 on right.
        Result: Methanol works perfect as focussing solvent. Now draw thick methanol lines parallel
        to the thick sample line. It will focus the thick original sample line into a sharp substance line as
        seen above. You may see: parallel line focussing has been done twice - see the shadow lines
        next to the red starting red focus spot. We have used micro brush 6 and a liner. Click to figure 19.