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                        TLC HPTLC pictograms

standard PLC instr

1 standard PLC instr

comparing lin

2 comparing lin / circ

comparing lin

3 comparing lin / circ

comparing lin

4 comparing lin / circ

comparing lin

5 comparing lin / circ

comparing lin

6 comparing lin / circ

comparing lin

7 comparing lin /circ

plate preparation

8 plate preparation

sampling modes

9 sampling modes

sampling modes

10 sampling modes

sampling modes

11 sampling modes

sampling modes

12 sampling modes

sampling modes

13 sampling modes

sample treatment

14 sample treatment

sample enrichment

15 sample enrichment

separation modes

16 separation modes

separation modes

17 separation modes

separation modes

18 separation modes

mobile phases table

19 mob. phases table

quick phase selection

20 quick phase select

help to phase select

21 help phase select

optimize mobile phase

22 optim. mob. phase

partition coeff

23 partition coeff.

Rf and sep

24 Rf and separation

Rf and sep

25 Rf and separation

Rf and sep

26 Rf and separation

k in circular PLC

27 k in circular PLC

Rf and time in PLC

28 Rf and time in PLC

Rf and time in PLC

29 Rf and time in PLC

Rf and time in PLC

30 Rf and time in PLC

partition coeff

31 partition coeffic.

partition coeff

32 partition coeffic.

partition coeff

33 partition coeffic.

partition coeff

34 partition coeffic.

Rf falsified

35 Rf falsified (front)

k over 100 problem

36 k over 100 problem

optimize separation

37 optimize separat.

AMD technique

38 AMD technique

PLC at higher temp

39 PLC at higher temp

HPLC-peak to AMD

40 HPLC-peak to AMD

linear PLC problems

41 linear PLC probl.

optimize detection

42 optimize detection



concentration problem

44 concentration prob

mean(x), s, N

45 data mean(x),s,N


46 quantitation


47 quantitation


48 quantitation

quantitation correct

49 quantitation corr.

quantitation quality

50 quantitation qual

quantitation calibration

51 quantitation calib.

quantitation error

52 quantitation error

internal standard

53 internal standard

identifying by HPLC cut

54 identifying & HPLC


55 identif./ overspray

quantitation, intern

56 quantit., intern

femtogram by PLC

57 femtogram by PLC


58 quantit.-warning

quantitation formulas

59 quantit. formulas


60 quantit.-warning


61 quantit.-warning

multi scan in PLC

62 multi scan in PLC

simple HPPLC

63 simple HPPLC


64 stand. HPPLC instr

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